We accept x-ray referrals for any radiology facility and from any registered health practitioner. We are open six days a week.


Our friendly radiographers (the people who capture the pictures) will interpret your GP or specialist x-ray referral and capture the most appropriate images to answer their clinical questions.

All x-rays are bulk billed, so you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses if you have a Medicare card. We also accept Department of Veterans Affairs, Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident referrals. Just let our receptionists know if any of those apply to you.


It doesn’t matter what paper the referral is written on. We will perform the imaging for you and send the results to your doctor.

Meet Gerry Gardner

Riverside Medical Imaging Chief Radiographer

Gerry holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Diagnostic Imaging as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Reporting of the Appendicular and Axial Skeleton. He also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Imaging for Ultrasound and has Certification in Clinical Bone Densitometry from the Australia & New Zealand Bone Mineral Society (ANZBMS).

Digital X-Ray Technology

Our X-Ray machine is a Shimadzu using DR technology (wireless digital radiography). This means that, unlike the old days, images are available as soon as they are taken, allowing the radiographer to immediately assess if the image captures the required information, and whether any other views are required. It also results in a lower dose of radiation as computer enhancement improves image quality without increasing dose.


We do not perform CT Scans, MRIs or Ultrasounds in our West Gosford Office. For those scans we suggest that you contact PRP Imaging.


You can book online for X-Rays, Standing Leg Length X-Rays, and Bone Densities. For other scans such as CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasounds and Dental x-rays, these are not performed at our location. Please contact PRP Imaging to have those scans performed.