Your podiatrist has referral rights for all lower limb X-Rays. Whether it’s your knee, ankle or foot they are able to request imaging to help determine the cause of your pain. And we bulk bill all podiatry X-Rays, six days a week.


Our friendly radiographers (the people who capture the pictures) will interpret your podiatrist’s x-ray referral and capture the most appropriate images to answer their clinical questions.

All x-rays are bulk billed, so you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses if you have a Medicare card. We also accept Department of Veterans Affairs, Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident referrals. Just let our receptionists know if any of those apply to you.

Our clinic has a lot of experience taking podiatry X-Rays and we have two podiatrists who have consulted with us to develop our protocols to fit with what podiatrists want. In particular, we strive to capture biomechanical X-Rays in a functional (weight bearing) way, wherever possible and appropriate.


Biomechanical podiatry requires precise imaging of the lower limb anatomy in a functional position to understand the effect of weight bearing on leg length and joint position. We get what your podiatrist is looking for and consider it throughout the process of capturing your X-Rays.

Functional Leg Length Scans

Your podiatrist may be wondering if your apparent leg length difference is “structural” or “functional”. That is, are your legs actually different lengths to one another, or do they just appear that way because of other factors like fallen arches or pelvis “twist”. A standing leg length scan can quickly and accurately tell your podiatrist which it is.

Meet Gerry Gardner

Riverside Medical Imaging Chief Radiographer

Gerry holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Diagnostic Imaging as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Reporting of the Appendicular and Axial Skeleton. He also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Imaging for Ultrasound and has Certification in Clinical Bone Densitometry from the Australia & New Zealand Bone Mineral Society (ANZBMS).

The team at Riverside Medical Imaging treat my patients with the utmost respect.
Bradley Moodie - Podiatrist

Gerry and his team understand the exacting requirements for imaging my precious young patients.

Ellie Kelly - Paediatric Podiatrist

X-Rays & Leg Length Scans.

If you have a referral for an MRI, Ultrasound or CT Scan, we are currently not offering these in our West Gosford Location. We suggestion you contact our teleradiology partner, PRP Imaging.


You can book online for X-Rays, Standing Leg Length X-Rays, and Bone Densities. For other scans such as CT Scans, MRI, Ultrasounds and Dental x-rays, these are not performed at our location. Please contact PRP Imaging to have those scans performed.